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About Bettaway

Bettaway is an everyday good value supplements brand. Established in 1985 with a range of over 26 products, Bettaway is well known for its slow-release multivitamins, vitamin C and minerals.

Our products are intended to make it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle by offering simplified, family driven solutions. Our biggest selling offering is our Bettaway Mega C 1000 product range that gives consumers the power of 19 oranges in every dose of 1,000mg of vitamin C to protect their family from colds and flu and/or boost their immune system.

What Makes Bettaway Special?

  • Time Release
  • One-a-day
  • Most of the range contains no artificial flavours, colourants or preservative
  • Wide range
  • Trusted heritage and quality

Where to buy

Purchase any of our product range at any of these leading retail stores. For more details, contact the Bettaway team here.

Did you Know?

The goodness of 19 oranges squeezed into each daily dose! Learn more about looking after our health. 

8 Hours Formulation

Bettaway is differentiated from other brands on the market by offering a range of “one a day” multivitamins in time-release format.