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We all need a boost sometimes

Every day we come into contact with bacteria and viruses (no matter how much we sanitize!). It’s a part of life! And while some of these are harmless, sometimes even good for you (just think about your good gut bacteria), a lot of them don’t have your best interests at heart. So how are we not sick all the time? That’s thanks to our immune systems.

The immune system has a vital role in protecting us form harmful substances, germs, and even changes to our cells that could make us ill. What we sometimes forget is that our immune system is actually just that: a system. It’s not just one thing, but rather it’s made up of various organs, cells, and proteins in our body, the main parts being:

  • White blood cells – made in the bone marrow these cells attack foreign bodies/bacteria
  • Antibodies – these help fight microbes and toxins by recognizing their antigens
  • Complement system – made up of proteins and they complement the work done by antibodies.
  • Lymphatic system – this helps the body by managing fluid levels, dealing with substances that can lead to illness, reacting to bacteria, and absorbing fat.
  • Spleen – our blood-filtering organ that removes microbes and destroys old or damaged red blood cells, and makes disease fighting cells
  • Bone marrow – this spongy tissue found in our long bones produces red and white blood cells
  • Thymus – this filters and monitors your blood content and produces T-lymphocyte white blood cells.

Many hands make light work! But sometimes, when our bodies are run down, over tired, over exerted, or it’s just that time of year, the immune system needs a bit of a boost to kick it into gear! And no, drinking orange juice when you feel the sniffles coming on isn’t going to cut it. Like the rest of our bodies, our immune system needs specific vitamins and minerals to keep working in tip top shape, so what are these? Firstly, what you should know is that our bodies need antioxidants to help fight against the damaging effects of free radicles which can cause illness. If we don’t have enough of these antioxidants, it can end up suppressing our immune system and increasing our chances of getting sick.

The vitamins and minerals we need to keep our immune system ready and waiting to fight off the bad guys are Vitamin A, C, E, B6, folic acid, zinc, selenium, iron, and copper. We get a whole host of these from a healthy, balanced diet, but when we need a kick start, we can use immune boosting supplements and multivitamins to keep us healthy, after all, your health is your wealth! Without healthy bodies and immune systems, we can get put out of commission with an illness very easily, a no one wants that! Add a Bettaway multivitamin to your daily routine if you feel like your body (and mind) could do with a healthy boost – Bettaway has been in the business of multivitamins for over 36 years and we pride ourselves in our deep knowledge of human health.

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