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You can’t spell “Health” without “E”

We often hear of how important Vitamin C is in flu season, or Vitamin B when you’re run down, or even Vitamin D if you spend too much time indoors. We don’t hear too much about Vitamin E though. The only time you see ‘Vitamin E’ on anything at the pharmacy, is when it’s on a skin care product.

Vitamin E’s benefits for the skin mainly lies in its anti-inflammatory properties. When you put vitamin E oil on your skin, or use any products that contain vitamin E, they have an anti-ageing effect, making your skin look less puffy and more youthful. But that’s not all this micronutrient is good for!

Vitamin E has a lot to offer our bodies in terms of the benefit it brings! It’s important for your vision, for reproduction and for the health of your blood, your brain and your immune system! Vitamin E is an antioxidant, fighting free radicals in our bodies that may end up harming our cells and organs through oxidative stress and is very effective at fighting infectious diseases and allergic reactions too. Our immune system gets a huge boost from vitamin E as it helps in the creation of T-cells in our bodies, which are essential for fighting off illnesses.

When serious illness is concerned, that’s when vitamin E really gets to shine. From pneumonia to the flu, to asthma, vitamin E works hard to keep our bodies healthy! It’s been found to lower the risks of developing age-related macular degeneration of the eye and slows down the formation of cataracts. Some studies even mention potential benefits for the heart.

From giving you the skin you’ve always wanted, to fighting off disease, vitamin E does it all! Most of the vitamin E we need we can get from our food but in rare cases a deficiency or a specific illness warrants a bit of supplementation – from a reliable company under the advice of a doctor. Even so, this is one vitamin you don’t want to miss out on, so take a look at Bettaway’s Mega E contains 400mg of vitamin E.

Bettaway has been in the business of making Vitamins for over 36 years and we pride ourselves in our deep knowledge of human health.

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